TAGLIABUE S.r.l. is a company that bases its value on acquired skills and innate curiosity. Over the last 50 years of productive activity the results we obtained testify how these intentions have been pursued with great refinement.
The use of precious and durable essences, carefully worked and assembled, the combination with other materials such as aluminium, the selection of natural, laminated or lacquered finishes and the skilful execution of constructive choices are all qualities which have attracted the attention of designers and guaranteed the success of the brand.
In the now crowded sector of furniture production, TAGLIABUE s.r.l. has been able to acquire its own specific position.
A high level production for a quality market.
Our products are characterized by simple shapes with specific functions that originate from an intelligent design which prefers clean and precise lines.
Our objects of undoubted beauty and unexceptionable functionality are refined in showing off.
For TAGLIABUE S.R.L. furniture manufacturing is a matter of experience and freedom: a role in progress that the company intends to confirm over time.