OIBO’ is a dynamic stool that, when sitting, exerts a benefit on the backbone.

Thanks to the inclination point the pelvis remains in continuos movement reducing the muscular tension.

Wellbeing of the back, of the back muscles, of the shoulders and the nape is OIBO’ is main purpose.

The base is in aluminium casting.

A gas piston permits to regulate the height.

The seat is in warped natural or painted beachwood.

As optional is could be stuffed with a fabric cushion.

Particularly recommended for working and domestic environments, this original stool is designed for body’s general wellbeing.


OIBO’ is recognized world-wide by a series of international health and orthopaedic associations (international patent EU 0.543.151 – US 5,599,061.)

Base in lacquered or glossy
die-cast aluminium.
Warped, natural or painted
beech-wooden seat.
Fabric cushion available in the
following colours: red, blue, black.